Treating clients fairly is an integral part of our aim to be an “Expert Adviser”

Strategy and Behaviour
This concept Treating Clients Fairly is central to our company ethic and to the way that the directors, staff and associates of ACTX Limited behave and do business.
In setting out our company’s objectives, we take full account of our core principle of treating clients fairly.

We market services based on a clear understanding of client’s needs. We monitor market and legislative changes so that we may respond accordingly, ensuring the continuing appropriateness of our services.

We provide information to clients about the benefit, risks, and costs associated with our services, helping them to understand what they may reasonably expect.
We aim to provide information in a way that aims to be clear, fair, and not misleading.
We pay careful to our client’s information needs, in a timely way.

Associates, Consultants and or Interested Third Parties
We carefully bring our Treating Clients Fairly principle to the attention of our associates, consultants and or interested third parties. We insist that they adhere to this principle throughout their dealings with our mutual clients.
We aim to provide our associates, consultants and interested third parties with appropriate information regarding our services so that they in turn advise clients appropriately.




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