For most of our clients, achieving growth in their businesses and capital, providing a comfortable economic environment for themselves and their families and then preserving the value of that capital are all-important objectives.

We place special emphasis on three basic areas:

We have access to a range of ethical tax saving and financial planning schemes. With the help of our consultants we can create and implement specialist tax minimisation strategies.

This may include reducing your and or your family’s exposure to Inheritance Tax.

Property (real estate) often accounts for a major part of client’s wealth. Our associates overseen by David Gordon FCCA, are authorised to conduct investment business.
We are therefore able to review, with regard to your own unique circumstances, a comprehensive range of mortgage and financial services products, thus enabling you to manage your property effectively. We have expertise in interpreting the “small print” issued by banks and other financial institutions.

In due course, our advice will extend to realising the value in the ownership of your business, and also assisting in the provision of pensions and or other retirement options.

Last but not least, we are able to prepare probate accounts for approval by the Inland Revenue.



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