Few of us are able to give full attention to financial paperwork or administration. That is not surprising. The volume of paperwork thrust upon us grows by the day. Very often after tending our daily business affairs we have neither the time nor the inclination to take advantage of best advice, or follow best management practice.

All of us, as our financial and business lives progress, experience moments when friendly competent advice would be most welcome.

Much of the “financial advice” offered by financial service organizations and individuals is “Fitting the client to the needs of the product”. It is offered by those whose over-riding need in order to make a profit, or earn a living, is to sell a product or service. Often the offer is from persons who do not have a clear understanding of client’s daily needs.

Your financial, including tax, affairs may well include elements common to many of our clients. Nevertheless,the advice offered to you must match the unique mix of circumstances that represent your affairs. It ahould be based on accurate knowledge of your business and other financial matters.

This is what we mean when we say that we hope to offer best personal advice. We do not “sell” commercial services or ready-made products.

Our clients regularly ask us to address issues on their behalf. Whether simple or complicated our reply will be timely, courteous, and tailored to their needs whilst at the same time conforming to the law of the land.



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