For most people, dealing with insurance matters is not one of their favourite pastimes. It is nevertheless a most important part of financial planning.

Whilst errors of judgment in other financial planning areas are sometimes regretted, errors in insurance planning often exacerbate major financial disasters, often converting a temporary difficulty into a financial disaster, with associated personal distress.

Due to our extensive experience and our detailed knowledge of your affairs, we are able to help you determine required levels and forms of insurance necessary to protect your business against insurable risks.

This may include:

ACTX is remunerated on a fee-paying basis, so we may dispassionately review insurance products offered to you by “independent” advisers who rely on commission from sales.

ACTX may act as a “filter” between you and insurance intermediaries or companies. We will filter out products that in our opinion are not suited to your needs. In which case we will explain why we consider any particular financial product as unsuitable.



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